Heart-centered Entrepreneurs:

Do You Stress Out When It's Time to Write Your Next Blog Post?

It's Time to End the Overwhelm so You Can Write Blog Posts that Connect, Inspire, and Educate

If you’re like many business owners, you don’t have enough time to accomplish everything on your “To Do” list. We tend to get done the easiest tasks first. Often, what’s left over doesn’t get done — maybe in part because we don’t see the value in the task itself.  

That’s often where blogging fails. 

Our art scars and internal monologue keep us hiding and playing small. We don’t write and so we don’t connect regularly with those people we’re meant to serve. 

Here’s a secret you may not know: blog writing ought to be at the HUB of your marketing plan. By strategically planning your blog, you actually save time and money. Plus, you establish yourself as an expert.  

The hardest part of sustaining a blog is coming up with topic ideas. That’s why participating in this half-day 2019 Blog Planning Day will transform how you blog and attract your ideal clients — in droves! And more ideal clients equals more income! 

You'll feel confident and relaxed after this session because you:

  • Know you're serving your ideal clients fully
  • Have eliminated guesswork
  • Understand your ideal reader and her pain points
  • Are serving only your ideal clients
  • Know you're leveraging your content 

What others say about their blog planning experience:

"Working with you has been amazing. You helped to break down the components of exactly what it takes to write engaging blogs consistently. I especially loved the connection with the other women as well as learning how to plan my blog posts for one year out. It was an absolutely amazing experience and I highly recommend it!" 

~ Dona Rutowicz of www.donarutowicz.com.

"I had been blogging long enough to know that I needed support to meet my own goal of one well-written weekly blog that spoke to my ideal clients! Debby's homework and resources were right on target. I wrote titles for 52+ blogs and completed the first 4 blogs. Bonus for me is I now have categories for my blogs - Debby showed us how to create them."

~ Maribeth Decker of Sacred Grove

Here’s what we’ll cover: Blog mindset + goals Review your ideal readers and their pain points Blog categories Create your editorial calendar Repurpose content You’ll get all kinds of worksheets which we’ll complete together. You’ll walk away with at least six months of blog ideas! Plus, a plan that is repeatable. Here are a few ways blog content can be repurposed: Social media posts Leveraged into a articles, speaking, and a book Integrated into your launch calendar Give opportunities for guest blogging and/or podcasting gigs  

Event Details: 

Friday, December 14, 2018

Time: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. EST

Location: Your computer via Zoom

Investment: $397 

  • Bonus: the first five people to sign up will receive a FREE 30-minute call with me after the planning day so I can provide feedback on your editorial calendar.

Plan 2019 Blog Posts and Attract More Clients